Beta gal induction

Beta gal induction
Scientific report , a draft report has been done (poorly written) but it would be great if you could maybe use a similar one or style, just to ensure it looks like it has been written by the same person, so last week we tested the induction of beta- gal in E.coli using both natural (lactose) and artificial (IPTG) inducer. this time we set out to answer the question: does the IPTG induce the production of beta- gal the same way as lactose does. I have attached the background and protocol of the last experiment. The final report is of similar format but methods need to be written out fully using final concentrations instead of volumes added. the methods are exactly the same ( will be uploaded) but the compounds used are different, the compounds used this time was:
– IPTG + 5FU (5- fluorouracil)
– IPTG + CM (Chloramphenicol)
– lactose
– lactose + 5FU
– Lactose + CM
– control (nothing added)

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