Comparing Monuments

Comparing Monuments

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Writing Assignment 2: Comparing Monuments asks that you compare the visual and functional characteristics of two monuments that you encounter in your everyday life, environment, or your community.


First: Find two local monuments that are DISTINCTLY different in terms of their appearance, location, function, and/or audience. Think about all the different kinds of monuments we have discussed when making your choice.

Second: document your visit to these monuments. Either take a self-portrait with the monument in the background, or hold up a drawn self-portrait (a stick figure is fine) in the same frame as the monument in your picture. Be as creative as you like!

Third: write a two-part essay of at least 500 words using the following format:

Part 1: Describe the location and visual elements of each monument that you have chosen using terms and concepts introduced in this Unit. Think about: What materials is it made of? What is its scale? Does it invite people to come closer, or encourage visitors to keep a distance? Your use of terms must relate to specific details of the monuments. What conveys grandeur or permanence? Why might it be an accidental or intentional monument? Review Unit 6 presentations and Unit 6 Key Concepts for examples of how these terms are used in relation to monuments.
Part 2: Compare and contrast the appearances and functions of the two monuments you have chosen. Think about: What are general differences in their appearances and in materials used? What are the differences in their geographic locations? Why might each be in its particular location? Do either mark particular events? or if this can’t be determined, how do they enhance or punctuate their immediate surroundings?
****write about the Florida Capitol and the Integration Statue at Florida State University****

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