: conclusion and references

Topic: conclusion and references

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finally to the end of the conclusion and references!
thank you for being such a awesome writer!
for the conclusion’ you will going to talk about the limitation and advantages for four models of justice and you will also need to state that i think Utilitarian model of justice is the best model of justice because it is forward looking.

i choose utilitarian model of justice as the most appropriate one in the case, and you will need to talk about that in the conclusion.

references : i will upload all the documents to you again and all you need to do is do the references for me in the last page

overall, i will put all the pieces together include the introduction and everything to you by the end of tomorrow so you can go over them in order to write the conclusion!

thank you so much and i hope to work with you again

Create three scenarios where you would apply the levels of prevention.

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