Cyber Security

Cyber Security   Need to write a research paper about cyber security i have started a draft, and need to finish another 4 paged. need to start the paper with a lead a question lead. the teacher response/ comment on my first draft was 1. It reads like a report, and not an essay, which is something that I have been cautioning you about all along.   2. Make sure you are using attribution every time you introduction information from an outside source.  so i need to fix this  (See attachments for the draft)    here is the teacher instructions about how the second draft should be.  ” Choose another piece of your Organizational Plan, or simply continue wherever you stopped writing your first chunk. Draft at least four more pages, double spaced. Create a document, combining your best lead with whatever pieces you have drafted so far. Insert brief comments where sections are missing (you might be able to copy and paste material from your Organization Plan to fill in), so that we can read what you have so far and imagine the sections that will complete your essay. Add a bibliographic list of sources, cross-referenced to the in-text citations. Don’t worry if these are not completely in proper form – as long as the cross-referencing is there, we’ll be able to follow your citations well enough. It is simply very, very, very important at this stage to begin incorporating citations, so you can get the hang of it, so you can figure out what your questions are, and also so that your readers (all of us!) can get a good feel for how you are using your sources.  at the end of the draft i need this  Call our attention to one passage in your half-draft where you had a “wow” reaction as you were writing (wow in a good way!) because something worked, came together, created an insight, etc. Explain. Also call our attention to one passage that you are still struggling with. Let us know why, and ask a question we might be able to answer to help you.

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