Exercise and Nutrition

Exercise and Nutrition
Hi, I want you to read the instructions I uploaded for the web manual assignment (Guidelines for writing) and use, refer to (My draft) for the information I want you to use it for this assignment. You can find some information for this assignment in chapter 19 I uploaded (eBook), I want you to Create a web-based instruction manual AND a distributable/ downloadable informational pamphlet. The final web manual must include a minimum of 10 screens’ worth of information, not including site map and addenda.

Also, I want you to write a Transmittal Letter as the one I uploaded (Sample of paper) Here you will see a model of a transmittal letter, which will serve as the cover page of your PRINTED version of your manual (not on the website.)

In addition to the material on the model, I need two additional pieces of information:

1- The web address of your website (VERY IMPORTANT)

2- Any suggested considerations I should take in viewing your website as far as which preferred browser, screen resolution, etc. Try a couple browsers, phones and tablets to see if there is a noticable difference between them. If not, say as much: “This was designed on Chrome but looks the same on all standard browsers on both PC and iPhone.”

Thank you so much.
just make as perfect as you

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