Intercultural communication through media and advertising–KFC in the U.S and China

Intercultural communication through media and advertising–KFC in the U.S and China

Talk about a current media trend, for example media representation, sensationalism or social media marketing etc. Propose a question and use sources to well answer your question, use sources to back up your point.
Proposed final paper topic:

Intercultural communication through media and advertising

The Big Question:
The final paper will talk about how do we form our impression about certain culture and how media is influencing the process of it. The paper will focus on analyzing symbolic sign and cultural stereotype used in advertising.

Supporting Questions:
How do we perceive culture through media?
How do we distinguish and related culture in media?
How the media represent culture by magnifying the stereotype, and how is media helping the audience to form our understanding of cultural stereotype?
Revised topic proposal

Intercultural communication.
Topic: different KFC advertising and marketing approach in the U.S and China

Possible questions to answer in the paper: how did KFC entered Chinese market as a western fast food chain and stay successful? How are they communicating their message with an understanding of Chinese culture and values. Compare between advertisement in America and China, how is the brand being represented differently?

Possible readings:

KFC Chinese ad

Please feel free to make up a question that is different than the one I had, but stay related with the big topic. Please find both scholarly sources and news or online article to use as sources, as long as they effectively support the point that you are making.

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