Reading Strategy Module 2

Reading Strategy Module 2

The purpose of this assignment is for you to have practice in using a research-based reading strategy in your classroom and to reflect upon your experience teaching it. Here are the reading strategies to choose from: Use the strategy below to teach in your classroom. Note that making connections and visualizing work well for children.
(best for K – 3rd)

Visualizing (best for K – 3rd)

This reading strategy are featured in the Module for the Reading Strategies Part 2.
Teach the strategy using the Gradual Release of Responsibility Model.
Do the following:
(1) Choose a reading strategy to include in one of your lessons. Be sure to choose a strategy that fits the content and materials you are using in the lesson. Also choose a strategy that is new to you or with which you have had very little experience. Learn about the strategy in the online module. Carefully review the steps of the strategy so you can teach it effectively. Review all information on the strategy.
(2) Teach the strategy to your students. When teaching it, be sure to explain the purpose of the strategy and tell them how it will help their reading. Then teach the strategy using the Gradual Release of Responsibility Model. (I Do, We Do, You Do Together, You Do Alone) Do the following:
I do It – Explain, model and demonstrate the reading strategy using I statements. Example for inferring:
The title of this article is “Bee Alert!” I infer from the title that the article is about bees. I also infer that the author is going to tell us what we should know about bees – maybe why they are dangerous…….
We do it – do the strategy with the students, including them in the process. Prompt student answers, ask questions, clarify, correct misunderstandings, etc. Example for inferring:
Let’s read the first paragraph of this article together. What can you infer from the statement, “In fact, bees are responsible for one out of every three bites you eat.” María, can you make an inference.
I did Visualizing strategy (i do , we do and you do ) with two English second language.
see these video in the link below to see how should i teach students this strategy:

other sources:
I showed and read the school and house story to the two student as it attached. . Then i asked the two students to visual and draw pic as you see in attched file. then i ask them to create and make story from what they did draw. finaly we read the initial story i provid.
please follow the instructions and try to answer all rubric criteria.
i will also ask you to help me make 15 min presentation to present what i have done with student to the instructor. slides guidelines will uploaded too.
please if you have question, just ask before you start writing.

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