Signs & omens nature projec

Signs & omens nature project
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Signs & Omens Nature Project

Signs & Omens: How does Nature Speak to You?
A Powerpoint Presentation

Write 3 paragraphs on the following (4-8 sentences for each). Include your written material in your Powerpoint or Prezi Presentation.

* Check for grammar errors beforehand and revise before posting your project. This will be presented to class.

Use photos from the Meadowlands, Power animal, alchemy symbol, etc., for your Powerpoint or Prezi. Don’t forget to include ALL answers to the below questions in your Powerpoint as well as any other insights or messages/omens that you may have received.

Paragraph One:
1) After our walk in the Meadowlands, write about why the Meadowlands environment is a necessary environment for us to sustain. HINT: You can find info. about this on the signs around the Meadowlands Environmental Center or look up related info. online. (Take photos of the signs and other things while there.) What makes it so important for not only the animals, but for us all?

What messages or omens did you get from your brief journey here in nature?

Paragraph Two
2) Choose your Alchemy Symbol. (In Class) my symbol is an animal Golden Breast Plate

How does this symbol relate to your individual journey as a person? What does it say about your struggles and your power or gifts? How can you change to improve yourself…to be more like an alchemist?

Paragraph Three
3) Choose your spirit or totem animal (In class or if you were absent, online.)Find a website that does this.) My spirit totem is a Frog

Briefly research your Native American spirit/totem animal online. Look at both strengths and weaknesses that each creature gives.

What message does your spirit animal want to give you? What does your animal suggest about both a weakness and a strength? You can add any other observations or insights that you may have gotten.

From understanding the message your animal/bird/insect has to offer, how can you let go of a past problem/issue and step into your power?
pictures from the meadowland that I would like to be added into the PowerPoint i can send them to an email. Also everything that’s on PowerPoint should be on a written paper as well because she will be collecting the paper grading it for grammar punctuation etc.

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