The Apple Watch is better than the traditional watch

The Apple Watch is better than the traditional watch
ELL 101 English for Academic Purposes I

Persuasive Essay


You choose the theme of your essay – ideally a topic related to your major.
The essay should be balanced, showing the position you support as well as the opposing position of the topic you chose.

The basic organization should be: Introduction + thesis statement, supporting topic paragraphs (more than 2), opposing topic paragraphs (at least one), counterargument paragraphs (at least one), conclusion, list of sources.



Name, Date & Essay Title on 1st Page (Follow APA style guide for title page)

Minimum 5 pages / Maximum 6 pages (not including title page and list of sources)

Strictly double spaced (no additional spacing between paragraphs or after title)

12pt Times New Roman Font

1-inch margins & 1/2 inch paragraph indent

Clearly defined introduction, body, and conclusion

Grammar items:

Proper Paragraphing

No run-on sentences

Proper use of commas, semicolons, and terminal punctuation (i.e., periods, question marks, exclamation points)

No contractions

Consistent verb tense and subject pronoun usage

Avoid casual wording (i.e., a lot of, huge, really, get, so, always, etc.)

Avoid indefinite “you” (replace with appropriate nouns or pronouns)

Avoid phrasal verbs

Avoid dangling prepositions


Minimum five (5) valuable sources (i.e., books, websites, magazine articles, etc.)



Follow APA citation guidelines

Revision Steps

Submit one draft on due date identified on course schedule

Visit the Writing Center at least once after in-class essay workshop

Submission Instructions

Submit draft and final copies of e
say through dropbox (Persuasive Essay) on CANVAS

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