Translation Project Management

Topirc: Tanslation Project Management

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In the form of an individual report, the summative assignment requires you to conduct a critical analysis and discussion of a project of your choice (case study) using theory, tools and frameworks from this module and from consideration of relevant academic literature. This can include setting up a translation company from start-up through to becoming fully operational in producing a valid business case which will form your analysis, i.e., a case study of setting up your own translation business.
You should cover the following points:
o Provide a clear discussion of the scope and objectives of the project and identify any key stakeholders. Comment on the work breakdown structure (WBS), relevant planning techniques employed in the project and analysis of resource requirements. [50 marks]
o Using relevant literature, critically discuss and evaluate how the elements of
effective project management have influenced the outcomes of the project
[50 marks]

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