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7minutes edited visual essay, which I have been order before but writter didnt understand the brief properly. The visual essay must talk about one movie which i have watched in the university and another one is chosen one but needs to be similar with the topic you will talk about.For example colours, camera movements ect. I will attach the brief for you to see what needs to be includde in the visual essay, please read it carefully. So movie which I have watched in the university are We Need to talk about Kevin, and the other one you can choose by yourself or one of the option could be Shutter Island. I saw some collegues visual essay so you need record the voice. I have the essay we need to talk about kevin,I will attach it here. Basically my classmates took the scenes, or shots from the original movie and than edit them with the voice over. So it should be 7 minutes, and I reallyneed to get it done properly. Thank You
hello again, this is the youtube link, where is separate scenes from both movies where you can cut from them.thank you

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