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Brief about Arawla
Located in AlOroubah Road in Riyadh, Arawla is a venture specialized in the sale of various juice flavors. They started operating in 2009 and have developed into a famous shop through the provision of best juice in Riyadh. However, they have a simple logo and failed to establish a brand name. They are identified by “From the heart of the nature” slogan. Initially, the shop targeted healthy people before changing their target to everyone. To shop had to close for 3 months to give room for renewing and redesigning of the place with an aim of matching the customers’ expectations. The shop is famous for the Fakhfakhina cocktail juice.
Vision: be involved in the creation of a brand and attainment of leadership in the fresh juice industry in Saudi Arabia.
Mission: To assist the clients explore the various tastes of nature by being determined to maintain uniqueness, quality and service as well as fulfill the clients’ nutritional requirements.

Brand image
This is the impression of a certain product maintained by potential or real customers. The image of Arawla must be in line with the local culture. There is a need to explain what the juice offers to the customers in addition to maintaining regular reminders. Arawla should note that a consistent look is not equivalent to a consistent image. Choosing the right medium for the right reason should also be a consideration when creating a brand image. This is due to the fact that different media can help the shop to achieve diverse objectives. Arawla’s brand image will be improved if the product attributes are brought out clearly. The pricing strategy should set the prices in such a way that the products will be viewed as high quality products. However, this high quality requirement must be met to give the consumers the expected experience.
Brand competitive advantage
The juice is first of its kind as it allows people to live lead a healthy life.
The product will be affordable and fresh juice sales will be made on site by qualified chefs.
The location chosen for the shop has a god number of small and large businesses in an effort to get a good customer base.
The shop focuses on employing friendly and confident people.
Qualified leaders and managers.
Presentation of the brand in many ways to improve its quality.
Brand loyalty
Brand loyalty is happens when customers get committed to a certain brand and repeatedly purchase the same brand (Miletsky & Smith, 2009). This happens regardless of the price or convenience involved.
There are various ways through which Arawla can create and maintain brand loyalty.
Keeping quality high. The customers expect a certain level of juice quality based on the price offered by the shop. Therefore, Arawla should make sure that the quality of the juice is consistent at all times as people will always go back to what they know they can count on.
Engaging the customers. Arawla must keep in touch with its target market and must do so in a frequent and consistent manner. The customers should be made aware of the new developments in the shop and what they should expect next to make them feel part of the business.
Soliciting consumer feedback. There is a great need to stay in touch with the clients and gather their opinion about the business. Arawla should show the clients that it is concerned about their experience and is ready to respond to consumer demands.
Giving the consumers a reason to come back. This can be achieved through provision of incentives and reward loyalty to Arawla’s brand such as offering a free cup of juice for any one purchasing more than five liters of juice at once.
Staying relevant. Arawla can achieve this by analyzing what other juice providers are doing and the trends in the industry in question.
Showing appreciation. A simple “thank you” can create customer loyalty for Arawla. ppy This can be coupled with messages to wish the consumers happy holidays or happy new year delivered through the packaging materials.

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