Critical Analysis

Critical Analysis
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Write and submit a 2000 word critical analysis (essay) on one of the following 5 topic choices:

1. Does Australia really ‘fit’ within the Asia-Pacific region from a cultural perspective? If so, why? If not, why not? What changes could/should Australia make (if any) to improve this ‘fit’?

2. What do you consider to be the most important division or conflict within the Asia-Pacific region that affects business relations and why? What are some potential solutions to this conflict?

3. To what degree is the Asia-Pacific region living up to its true potential from a business, political and cultural perspective, and why? What changes would you propose to improve the regions prospects in these regards?

4. What do you see as Australia’s current role within the Asia-Pacific region and why? What could/should Australia’s role be in the future, and what changes would be required to bring this about?

5. What are the differing approaches to ethics and relationships in a business context within Australia and a selected APAC nation of your choice, and why? What could Australia learn from the approach of this other selected nation in relation to ethics and relationships in business and vice versa what could this other nation learn from the Australian approach?
Important Notes
Please read these before starting work on your assessment:
* Your work should be structured with clear section headings.
* You are required to use visual communication devices such as tables and/or graphs, and/or diagrams etc… in order to most appropriately and effectively communicate key sections of your submission.
* You are expected to write in the third person. (E.g. The author’s view is that … The author’s
experience is that … The author’s research indicates that … etc.)
* Please only submit a hard copy.
* Please don’t forget to include a cover page and a reference list.
* Please stay within 10% below or 10% above the word count (e.g. 1800 to 2200 words for this 2,000 word requirement) to avoid receiving a marking penalty.
* It is expected that you will use the prescribed text for this subject (Hill, Cronk & Wickramasekera, 2014) as one of your references in this assessment.
* Please read the other sections below (especially the marking criteria) before commencing work on this assessment.
* Please note that the required word count excludes your cover page, reference list and bibliography.

This assessment is designed to encourage you to critically reflect on the subject concepts, topics and materials and to consider and refine your own views of the Asia-Pacific region, Australia’s role within it, and its role within a global business context.

The assessment allows you an opportunity to demonstrate your critical analysis, research, presentation, and written communication skills.
This assessment task covers all topic weeks (depending on your choice of topic question).
The assessment seeks to assess your ability, in a more detailed, nuanced and critical context, to be able to define and identify the region and it’s role within a global business context, including Australia’s role within the region.

The assessment also supports the achievement of key learning outcomes in this subject, including being able to identify and interpret key economic and social trends in the Asia-Pacific region, being able to assess alternative strategies for managing political risk, being able to assess the current roles of the major political associations and trading groups operating in the region, and being able to analyse the economic and political roles of Australia in the region. Additionally, and depending on the topic question chosen, the following learning outcomes are also addressed within the response that we would expect to most topic questions: being able to discuss the importance of business culture in conducting international business, and being able to explain the ethical dimensions of conducting business in the Asia-Pacific region.

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