federalist and antifederalist

federalist and antifederalist
Based upon your reading of the Federalist and Anti-Federalist documents (Federalist No. 47-51; Centinel No. 1; John DeWitt No. 3) present an argument on whether the United States Constitution as presented to the states for ratification between 1787 and 1790 either protected or endangered the liberty of the people from a powerful government.

Type and print out your work, to be collected at the beginning of class. Value = 40 points.


Part One

1. Include your tentative title for your essay at the top of the first page.

2. Write your introductory paragraph, with your thesis statement underlined at the end of the paragraph. Your thesis statement may be more than one sentence as long as it makes a specific truth claim and responds directly to the assignment questions and clearly identifies which groups your essay will focus upon.

3. Format your introduction as you will format paragraphs in your analytical essay (see the writing guide for details).

4. Your introduction, as explaining in the writing guide, should set the stage for your essay with historical context before you state your thesis.

Part Two

1. Write a detailed outline for your essay with two levels of detail. Utilize Roman numerals for main points and capital letters for sub-points. The outline should encompass your introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

2. Your essay should use at least three points of evidence as stated in your thesis. These points become the main points in your outline. Therefore, your outline should have at least five main points: Intro, three evidentiary points, and conclusion.

3. Include in the main points of your outline the chapters/pages from Takaki you will use as your source. Include any direct quotes you will use, with proper citation.

Sample Outline:

I. Introduction
A. Introduce the topic
B. Give brief historical context (time, place, central points, people involved)
C. Thesis, including supporting evidence you will refer to in your body
paragraphs. See the sample thesis statement in the writing guide.

II. First main point (example: World War Two inspired African Americans to challenge racial discrimination due to the blatant segregation they faced in both the military and the war industries).
A. First sub-point [example: Blacks were segregated in military training
programs, and were given dirty or otherwise undesirable assignments
(Takaki, chapter 3).]
B. Second sub-point [example: A march on Washington was planned in 1944
to protest discrimination in hiring for the war industries, which pushed President
Roosevelt to take action (Takaki, pp. 40-43).]

III. Second main point.

IV. Third main point

V. Conclusion

The organization of your essay should closely follow your outline. This is the purpose for which you are engaging in this assignment.

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