Gender inequality

Topic: Gender inequality

Order Description
1.) Introduction of the research question: you must clearly state your research question in your introductory paragraph and why you are interested (1 paragraph)
2.) Description of the organization and its ethical agenda (1-2 paragraphs)
3.) Summary of research and findings (2-3 paragraphs)
4.) Critical analysis of research findings (3-4 paragraphs)
a. Describe the organization’s conception of the good
b. Critique the organization’s conception of the good
5.) Conclusion (1 paragraph)
6.) Bibliography (course materials)
7.) Appendices (research materials)
The most important part of the paper is the critical analysis, where you will need to critique the organization’s conception of the good. For our purposes, to critique is to ask hard questions or to uncover limits or problems associated with a particular ethical concept of goodness. For example, does the organization’s concept of the good involve unequal gender relations? Does its concept support practices that are exclusivist?
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This is the organization:
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Question to one of the member

1) How do you know if everyone in the organization is committed to the organization values?
Our organization is an all-volunteer organization. We don’t have any profit but satisfaction from achievement. As a result, we have no way but to say everyone is committed.
2) How has your organization grown or changed overtime?
Many organizations with same mission are partnering with our organization. The level of donation has increased quite a lot.
3) Which of the rights of women are your organization specially working on right now?
Our organization are specially working on political right of women. Starting from voting right to engaging women in election and encouraging women to speak in public. This is because we still are not seeing any change on that sector. Women are still being payed less, they are not given any high rank in the political sector.
4) There are people who argue that since the women right movement and organization like yours spread, the divorce rates have skyrocketed? What is your counter response for this?
Our organization is not working on dismantling families and traumatizing children. Nobody in the right state of mind would undergo the process of divorce when he/she is in a healthy relationship. What we are talking here is assault, violence, discrimination… against women by their husband. It is not wrong to fight for your right and taking the possible measurement.
5) Why should women be treated any differently to men?
That question cannot be asked yet. Right now we are working on equality of women. We are not asking to be treated differently but equally.
6) Does your organization believe in legalization of abortion? Do you think this is ethical?
As mentioned in our page, one of the organization mission is respecting reproduction right. What is unethical is taking women’s’ right away from her. The baby in her womb is not a human yet we cannot call it murder if that is not a living thing. Plus, we have to consider the effect it is making on women. They have a good reason for aborting the child: It could be age, it could be fear of family, it could be not to stop her education. One way or other those women are going through the process no matter what. They are going through illegal and unsafe abortion method and at the process they might even die. Now that is unethical. Putting blind eye over this is unethical.

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