Marketing Plan for Ski club of Great Britain

Topic: Marketing Plan for Ski club of Great Britain

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This is a marketing plan for (Ski club of Great Britain) not essay you can read inone filecall Assessment you would see the Assessment Brief in word document call (7MK002 Assessment)and Powerpoint documentcall (7MK002 Marketing Plan) to understand the outline of the work how it has to be. So you have to read everything in this filecall assessment the mine thing is the case study file about Ski club of Great Britain which we must read it and understand it every well. The references about Ski club of Great Britain have to be up to date 2013-2014-2015-2016. The compulsory book Marketing Management 15th ed. (Kotler and Keller, 2015) has to be used as well alongside the other recommended reading (see filecall 7MK002 Module guide) You will be required to research and find useful journal articles.One method is through a keyword search on an online database e.g. Ebsco Business Source Premier Other online marketing information sources that provide market data include: – Keynote: market intelligence reports listed by product/service types – Mintel: independent research reports on UK consumer markets Website resources You may find it useful in some instances to use tables and diagrams to incorporate facts and data and then justify and discuss the key issues below. Tables and diagrams do not count as words Make sure to write a table of Contents and Executive Summary

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