Parental bonding in Asian and Non Asian Families

Parental bonding in Asian and Non Asian Families

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You need to sell your project to the marker like you would sell yourself in an interview. Mention a couple of bad points but be clear about how you would address these points in the future.

Para 1: What the results say about people?

Clear statement of support or non-support for your hypothesis. Clear statement of what you have learnt. Show how this information presented has improved the situation. Talk about people. What does it tell us about people relating to the question in the introduction.

Summarise the original purpose and expectations. Do results support the hypothesis? Were the results consistent with expectations?

Para 2: Additional findings which make this study unique. What have you added?

Para 3: Speculate as to the theoretical explanations for any major findings. Interpret your results using most of the references from the intro. Use as much argument here as you did in the intro.

Para 4: Tie the findings back to the literature. How do these findings expand or clarity previous studies? What is that relationship between your results and past research/theory. Are these differences? Discuss why you think these differences might exist.

Para 5: What hypotheses were not confirmed? What did you hope to find but did not?

Para 6: Unexpected or surprising findings?

Para 7: Critically evaluate your study. What is wrong with it? Limitations? Extraneous variables? How can the limitations be addressed in the future and note why it is a limitation.

Para 8: Talk about the strengths of the particular method you used in this study. What makes it credible?

Para 9: Concluding paragraph. Final ‘take home’ message. Talk about the impact of this research on people. Relate back to the first sentence of the intro. Brief and clear.

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