Select your topic and begin researching for the Program Development Paper due in Week 8

Select your topic and begin researching for the Program Development Paper due in Week 8. Reviewing the criteria for the paper will get you started in the right direction, and read the assignment description under Week 8 as well. Begin work on your reference page; you are required to use at least 4 sources outside of class texts, which must be journal/scholarly articles.
Select your topic and include a paragraph description of the program you plan to develop. Provide 2 sources that you plan to use (in APA format), with a brief summary of each article’s content. You will receive feedback on your topic selection, and can use the next 3 weeks to work on the project and contact the instructor with any questions. Submit your completed assignment to the correct Dropbox folder by midnight Sunday.

Program Development Paper:
Topic Selection
Be creative!
Think back over the last 4 weeks to issues or topics that have sparked your interest, or that you feel strongly about. Think of something that you are interested in or that would be of benefit to your clients.
Your idea should be original, and for the final paper you will have to explain it in detail.
For this assignment, you do not have to address the financing of your program. Try to be somewhat realistic, but do not concern yourself with how it would be funded. This is your opportunity to design an ‘ideal’ program to improve quality of life and participation for people with disabilities.
Some past topics have included employment programs, recreation programs, classes in high school or elementary schools for disability awareness, etc..
Use the Stafford Library Databases to find resources. Your sources should come from professional literature, texts and peer-reviewed journals, not popular magazines or newspapers.
If you are in doubt about a source, email the instructor for guidance.
Start your search with broad search terms, like “disability and employment”, and read some of the research on the topic. Then, narrow your scope. As you find interesting articles, look at the ‘key words’ from those articles. Repeat your search with those new key words to find more relevant articles.

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