Tamer Group

Topic: Tamer Group

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it’s an Strategic Management course

1. What is the company’s vision and mission?
2.Which mission component the company seems to be focusing on?
3.Identify the type of strategy (ies) which the company had adopted in the past and compare them to its strategy for the future.
4.Critique the company’s business strategy in terms of its ability to sustain competitive advantage.

General instructions:

Use any type of published information available related to your company. i.e. compoany’s website, news paper, magazines, …etc. Thus, Do not forget to cite and reference your work.
Organize your answer for each question.
Answer each question using the knowledge acquired in the course so far.
This assignment is aimed to develop both your analytic and critical skills using strategic management theories. Therefore, take advantage of this opportunity to acquire such skills before graduation.
Each member is expected to participate in writing the paper as well as the presentation. During the presentation, all members are expected to participate. Members who miss their group’s presentation, will NOT share the points gained for the presentation.

the topic ” Tamer Group ” Saudi company + i need a powerpoint presentation that contain 10 slides with speaking note

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