AEC-470 – Construction Estimating II – SP 16 NAME___________________________

AEC-470 – Construction Estimating II – SP 16 NAME___________________________ Homework Assignment No. 9 – Scope Writing (40 pts.) Due at the start of class on – Drop Box Thursday’s class on April 21st had to do with writing bid scope accurately, efficiently and in a clear concise manner. Utilize what you know about your Project Number 1 – Whiting Ranger Station, to develop some bid scope for that job. You DON’T have to write scope for every category of work on that job! Here’s would I would like you to do: 1. Develop two comprehensive bid scopes for the work on that job. 2. The first shall be for WC-06 – Structural Concrete 3. The second shall be for WC-27 – HVAC / Mechanical The scope shall include at least the following: 1. Related specification sections 2. Work to be included 3. Work that is related by excluded (by another WC / trade) 4. Descriptive elements of that work scope that are to be included 5. Any requested unit pricing or allowances (may or may not need) Each bid scope should be on a separate paper, properly titled and identified so that the subcontractors bidding would be able to distinguish easily from one to another. You shall submit this through the drop box in either a Word document or an Adobe PDF document. BONUS POINTS! Additional bonus points will be granted for one additional complete scope of work, so long as the scope is developed thoroughly and completely. Your choice of what work the bonus scope is.

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