IT, Web

IT, Web
Pick FIVE different job descriptions (helpdesk 1, entry helpdesk are not different) that you would be interested in doing. For each job description do the following:
Write a summary of the position and what you’d be doing (copying the PD off the internet = 0 points for entire assignment)
Determine the salary.
Determine what future jobs you can get from this position
Determine what requirements are for the job, e.g. certifications, years of work, previous jobs, etc. So someone who wants to be CIO or a Computer forensics person will have fairly high requirements

At the end summarize what you think of the jobs and what you think you will head towards jobwise.
In an appendix please copy and paste the original PD’s.
Use simple english and avoid grammar mistakes. The jobs should be related to Information technology field. Use ONLY online sources if needed. Goodluck!

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