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Assignment 3- Strategy Report (50%)

The manager of a struggling DVD/CD/Computer Games brick-and-mortar retailer has hired your consultancy services because he/she wants to turn his/her business around or even transform it altogether. You have agreed to do an analysis of the DVD/CD/Computer Games industry and give him/her consulting suggestions accordingly. Please use relevant tools of environmental scanning to do an analysis of the DVD/CD/Computer Games industry. Please make sure you assess the attractiveness of this industry. Once established its attractiveness, please formulate realistic strategic options that this manager can entertain.

Word length: 2,000 words

Submission Date: 3nd May 2016 – to be submitted no later then 9,30hrs

Return Date: 24th May 2016

This work should be submitted online via TURNITIN on Clic Learn under the Assignments section. Turnitin will be used for two purposes as follows:

• Originality/plagiarism checking: you will be allowed to upload your document as many times as you like until the submission date to perform your own plagiarism check in addition to the checking that will be performed by tutors marking your assignment (these draft assignments should be uploaded to the same Turnitin link given in the module pages on Clic Learn which is reserved for your final submission. REMEMBER THAT YOU CAN OVERWRITE REPORTS UNTIL THE DUE DATE).

• eFeedback which will be available via TURNITIN Grademark

See : https://www.canterbury.ac.uk/Support/learning-teaching-enhancement-unit/LearningSystems/Turnitin/students.aspx

Marking criteria (please note that there will be a 5 point PENALTY for scripts exceeding the word count in the main body of the report):

• Breadth and depth of application of relevant environmental scanning tools (40%)

• Assessment of the overall attractiveness of the DVD/CD/ Computer gaming industry (30%)

• Breadth and depth of application of relevant tools regarding the formulation of realistic strategic options (30%)

When submitting your assignment please use the following descriptors:

Assignment Title: Strategy Report

Document name: STM Report 3- student surname and initials

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