literature review

literature review

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choose 5 academic journal articles that are published between 2000 and 2015. Be sure that the articles should be academic.My case study location is Brisbane. you have to explain and answer all the questions in the attached file send by me. Explain the negative and positive impacts on tourism and my location of study from these five journal articles. please answer each and every question carefully.follow the instructions carefully. please be careful dont pick the same lines from the articles. I am suffered from paragrism in my last assignment. Be careful ok.Thanks

I’m not sure your selection of articles to review is going to help you for assignment 3. Read the brief for assignment 2 closely. What does it say? It says you need to provide a review of literature for 5 articles which address Q 5 of assignment 3. Read Q5 of assignment 3 and then decide how the articles you have chosen actually respond to that question?

Then look at the writing style in the attachment. The writing is passive and doesn’t tell the reader why. As well you should engage with the research methods and look at what you are constructing for assignment 3 to be able to commence assignment 2. What you’ve done is written generally what the article is about. The writing is quite superficial and essentially borrows from what is already in the article. I notice you weren’t in class today and this probably doesn’t help you as we talked about assignment 2 in some detail.

I spoke about the importance of looking at assignment 3 and how you should choose articles (for assignment 2) based on your decisions for assignment 3 (Q 5). What types of impacts from tourism affect the host community and in what way? Then select the articles.

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