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5) DETAILED ANALYSIS OF A NON-MUSICAL COLLABORATION (FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF THE COURSE MATERIAL). This option is just like #4, except you will be analyzing a non-musical collaboration to which you have video access: a group conversation, a collaborative design meeting, or any other interaction, in any genre, that can legitimately be described as a collaborative activity. Your analysis must use one of the techniques or methods of analysis that we have reviewed over the course of the semester, and it must therefore explain the ways in which the activity you are analyzing shares and does not share features with a musical interaction (and you will need to be able to specify what kind of musical interaction your activity relates to). Depending on what you focus on, you might pick a shorter or longer segment to analyze; a more fine-grained analysis might lead you to pick a shorter segment because there is more detail to sift through.You may use a collaboration in which you yourself participate—as long as you have video footage that can be analyzed.

– A detailed analysis that clearly lists and explains, step by step, the collaborative moves you are analyzing. (750 words more or less)

– A 3-page (750-word) written paper, summarizing your analytic technique and explaining how it is based on a method from the course material. We are open to different ways of visually representing your analysis, from a simple chart or table to something more elaborate, as long as your representation makes your conceptual distinctions clear.

The video is a part of a soccer match where you can clearly see that the whole team read each other’s minds perfectly and scored.

Link to video: (1:00 – 2:00)

No plagiarism, no copying and pasting exact words unless it is quoted.

4.Needs (sub-heading): What other needs does your client have that others in your agency might be able to provide or assist in making referrals?
5.Crisis (sub-heading): Probably, your client is not currently in crisis, so you would simply report that the client is stabilized and there are no ongoing crises for the moment. If your client is in the middle of a crisis, you would briefly describe it, only giving facts that are relevant.
6.Recommendations (sub-heading): This is the part of the paper (meeting) where you provide your professional opinion about the continued direction of the client’s progress, ideas for future goals, planning or strategies for helping the client, resource referrals, and any other suggestions that you have to advance your client’s care. You will spend time using information from your past classes to support your prioritized recommendations, so make this one of the longest sections of your paper.

This paper should be a minimum of 6–8 pages or 1500–2000 words to respond to the sections in the case presentation. Write the paper using guidelines of Standard American English, and consult the Kaplan Writing Center if you have questions about grammar or format. Remember that all work must be your own and plagiarism is not tolerated. Be sure to review the plagiarism policy in your syllabus. References are not required; however, any citations for scholarly academic references to support of your recommendations should be in APA format, including the addition of a reference page.

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