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I need a writer that specializes in literature, music, dance and movie review. I CANNOT AFFORD TO FAIL!!! Please see attached documents for the paper instructions. The below materials would help!

Please read:

The Wikipedia articles on dance and ballet. After you read the whole article, go anywhere you’d like with the links, that will help you with the rest of the homework.

For the vocabulary that you’ll submit, here are the specialized sources:

Ballet dictionary:

Dance dictionary:

Please read:

Ballroom dancing instruction—for tango, samba, paso doble:

On native American dancing:

Please view:

In Disney’s Fantasia [1940], there are three ballets, all recast in story and form from their original. We’ll concentrate on only one here. Please review these youtube sites for the original ballet versions of:

Amilcare Ponchielli’s “Dance of the Hours” from his opera La Gioconda:

Modern version:

More classical version:

Please review the Fantasia remake of this ballet.
On Mikhail Baryshnikov:
Baryshnikov in White Nights:

Baryshnikov and Gregory Hines in parallel soft shoe:

Baryshnikov dances to Sinatra:

What Baryshnikov is up to recently:

Dance versions of Carmen
Ballet with Baryshnikov


On ice–at the 1988 Olympics by Katerina Witt

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