New Technology Initiative

New Technology Initiative

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Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric, is known as one of the most in” rel=”nofollow”>intriguin” rel=”nofollow”>ing, yet in” rel=”nofollow”>intelligent, corporate leaders of our time. His famous quote, “Control your destin” rel=”nofollow”>iny, or someone else will,” has in” rel=”nofollow”>inspired numerous managers and organizational leaders to examin” rel=”nofollow”>ine their own strategies for becomin” rel=”nofollow”>ing successful planners and decision makers.

Based on the advice provided by Jack Welch, as well as others within” rel=”nofollow”>in the videos viewed this week, develop five plannin” rel=”nofollow”>ing strategies you would implement as the project manager of a diverse team selected to deliver a new technology in” rel=”nofollow”>initiative for your current or former organization. Write a summary reflectin” rel=”nofollow”>ing on how these strategies may align with the mission and goals of your organization.

Length: 1-2 pages, not in” rel=”nofollow”>includin” rel=”nofollow”>ing title and reference pages. Include a min” rel=”nofollow”>inimum of two resources.

Readin” rel=”nofollow”>ing Material and Videos” rel=”nofollow”>ing-a-win” rel=”nofollow”>innin” rel=”nofollow”>ing-corporate-strategy-jack-welch-questions/

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