Document and analyze how Juror 8 turns the jury

Essay prompt: Analyze how Juror 8 “turns” his fellow jurors.This is to be an in” rel=”nofollow”>in-depth psychological analysis of the methods Juror 8 uses to persuade eleven other jurors to adopt his position.
Juror 8’s body language, attire, appearance, tone, in” rel=”nofollow”>inflection, approach, phrasin” rel=”nofollow”>ing, and of course spoken rhetorical techniques are all areas you may address. In other words, everythin” rel=”nofollow”>ing about Juror 8 is fair game.
Essay format will be MLA: standard margin” rel=”nofollow”>ins, size 12, Times New Roman, double-spaced, header (your last name and page number in” rel=”nofollow”>in upper right corner), headin” rel=”nofollow”>ing (Name / Date / Eng 102–Davis / Analyze Movie), title centered below headin” rel=”nofollow”>ing.
Essay length is a min” rel=”nofollow”>inimum of 4.5 pages, meanin” rel=”nofollow”>ing it ends midway down page 5 on your word processor. (Note that the Sample Essay might be shorter.)
You must employ termin” rel=”nofollow”>inology from our textbook. I will be lookin” rel=”nofollow”>ing for these terms in” rel=”nofollow”>in particular: concessio, dubitatio, jujitsu, rhetorical questions, decorum, mood, blame, value, choice, virtue, phronesis, eunoia, volume control, backfire, litotes, proof, commonplace, in” rel=”nofollow”>induction, framin” rel=”nofollow”>ing, fallacy, kairos, and ad homin” rel=”nofollow”>inem.
Movie and play titles go in” rel=”nofollow”>in italics.
Spell out low numbers (e.g., write “eleven jurors” in” rel=”nofollow”>instead of “11 jurors”).
Proofread and rewrite your essay multiple times, givin” rel=”nofollow”>ing special attention to grammar/punctuation and organization.
The in” rel=”nofollow”>introduction must conclude with a thesis sentence statin” rel=”nofollow”>ing the purpose of your essay.
Body paragraphs must open with transitions and topic sentences statin” rel=”nofollow”>ing the main” rel=”nofollow”>in idea of the paragraph. Each body paragraph should close with a concludin” rel=”nofollow”>ing sentence that wraps up / pulls together the major and min” rel=”nofollow”>inor supportin” rel=”nofollow”>ing details you’ve espoused in” rel=”nofollow”>in that paragraph.
Body paragraphs must cite quotations. In MLA style, this means typin” rel=”nofollow”>ing (page # of script) after the quotation if you’re usin” rel=”nofollow”>ing the movie script as the source, or typin” rel=”nofollow”>ing (time of scene) after the quotation if you’re usin” rel=”nofollow”>ing the film as the source.
Your conclusion paragraph should wrap up Juror 8’s role on the jury. You may also in” rel=”nofollow”>include critical commentary or your opin” rel=”nofollow”>inion on the film itself, if you wish.
here are the video lin” rel=”nofollow”>inks:

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