Failure Recovery System

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To prepare: From What Drives Win” rel=”nofollow”>innin” rel=”nofollow”>ing (Ledbetter, 2015, pp.91-125), review the 4 coachin” rel=”nofollow”>ing strategies that are meant to help athletes become more positive and confident, to give themselves a strong in” rel=”nofollow”>inner coach and deal with the negative chatter in” rel=”nofollow”>inside their heads (to replace the �weak� voice with the �strong� voice).

These are the four strategies:
1.Give your best friend advice
2.Plan positive
3.Replace negative
4.Opportunity converter
Part 1
Write 2 paragraphs reflectin” rel=”nofollow”>ing on the 4 strategies to develop a more positive and confident athlete described in” rel=”nofollow”>in your text (Ledbetter, 2015). Which strategy do you feel you would most likely use and why? When might you use that strategy and what results would you hope for?

Part 2
As described by Sue Enquist in” rel=”nofollow”>in the video (Filmproject, 2015), design a Failure Recovery System that could be in” rel=”nofollow”>incorporated in” rel=”nofollow”>into your coachin” rel=”nofollow”>ing program.
First, defin” rel=”nofollow”>ine what failure means to you.

Describe in” rel=”nofollow”>in detail what the proper response would look like if the athletes and/or coaches in” rel=”nofollow”>in your program were to fail. What is their physical demeanor, what words should come out of their mouths, what non-verbal messages do you want them to send?

What is the �failure recovery system� that you want their behaviors to illustrate in” rel=”nofollow”>in practice and games on every occasion?

How will you develop an environment of trust and acceptance of failure?

Are there failures that would not fall in” rel=”nofollow”>into this recovery system? Explain” rel=”nofollow”>in.


Filmroom Project. (2015, October 4). Sue Enquist: Fear and failure [Video file]. Retrieved from

Ledbetter, B. (2015). What drives win” rel=”nofollow”>innin” rel=”nofollow”>ing. Green Dot Publishin” rel=”nofollow”>ing.

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