Community Health

Watch the Video clip(s) from UnNatural Causes – ″When the Bough Breaks″ Watch Video How Racism Impacts Pregnancy Outcomes (copy and paste it to watch) Duration: (4:15) User: n/a – Added: 10/22/14 Watch Video Kim Anderson′s Story ( copy and paste it to watch) Duration: (6:08) User: n/a – Added: 10/22/14 Watch Video Unravellin” rel=”nofollow”>ing the Mystery of Black-White Differences in” rel=”nofollow”>in Infant Mortality Duration: (5:58) User: n/a – Added: 7/3/08 (copy and paste it to watch) Consider the followin” rel=”nofollow”>ing questions: + How are pregnancy outcomes affected by racism and chronic stress? How are racial differences in” rel=”nofollow”>in birth outcomes not reducible to class alone? + Dr. Jones says that the chronic stress of racism is like ″gunnin” rel=”nofollow”>ing the engin” rel=”nofollow”>ine of a car, never lettin” rel=”nofollow”>ing up″ What does she mean? How does this affect the body over time? + Birth outcomes, like other health in” rel=”nofollow”>indicators, follow the wealth-health gradient. Explain” rel=”nofollow”>in why wealthier and more educated mothers have better outcomes. Describe Dr. Lu′s ″life-course perspective″. How does it broaden conventional approaches, which focus primarily on risk factors durin” rel=”nofollow”>ing pregnancy? + What are the mechanisms by which experiences outside the body and before conception can affect birth outcomes? +Describe how the life-course perspective supports a lin” rel=”nofollow”>ink between racism and premature birth or low birth-weight babies.

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