Applying principle to residential low rise construction

Question 1The reinforced concrete ‘slab on ground’ flooring system for the 2 storey dwelling detailed in the plans is to be constructed utilising expanded polystyrene void formers. The site will be excavated to provide a level ‘bench’ incorporating cut and fill. Piers will be required to support the slab on an even foundation. a) Prepare a sketch of the plan view of the slab indicating the possible location of the piers You can assume the piers are 300mm in diameter (Hint: position piers at all comers/beams intersections, then place between these at maximum 1800 centres) b) Provide a section in parts (‘break’ the sketch to show relevant parts of the slab) through the slab from front to back and through the garage, detailing the use of the void formers and the reinforcement. Indicate the foundation and any change in floor level. c) Prepare a typical section through the edge beam of the slab. Clearly show the external wall detail to 300mm above the slab.

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