Background, identity, interest, or talent

Some students have a background, identity, in” rel=”nofollow”>interest, or talent that is so meanin” rel=”nofollow”>ingful they believe their application would be in” rel=”nofollow”>incomplete without it.Write a story based on the followin” rel=”nofollow”>ing descriptions;
1.i can play Trumpet and Trombone.I’m good at ride bike and drawin” rel=”nofollow”>ing a car.I play soccer.I work out and run every week.I collect 40 video games.i like it very much.
2.I start Chin” rel=”nofollow”>inese club in” rel=”nofollow”>in my school.i’m good at cook chin” rel=”nofollow”>inese grade is good. i took honor class and i did well.
3.back ground:my father’s major was computer.And he runs a computer system company.So my father in” rel=”nofollow”>influence me a lot.

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