Business analyst

You are currently workin” rel=”nofollow”>ing as a busin” rel=”nofollow”>iness analyst. One of your clients, John, is contemplatin” rel=”nofollow”>ing in” rel=”nofollow”>investin” rel=”nofollow”>ing ¬£50,000 in” rel=”nofollow”>in a “FTSE 100” listed company. John has narrowed down his choice to Tesco PLC and Sain” rel=”nofollow”>insbury (J) PLC. You are required to prepare a report on one of these companies accordin” rel=”nofollow”>ing to the followin” rel=”nofollow”>ing guidelin” rel=”nofollow”>ines:1) Company history (approximately 50 words) 2) Primary busin” rel=”nofollow”>iness activity/activities (approximately 100 words) 3) Competition and position in” rel=”nofollow”>in in” rel=”nofollow”>industry (approximately 200 words) 4) Perform ratio analysis usin” rel=”nofollow”>ing the latest annual report (approximately 800 words) o Profitability ratios o Fin” rel=”nofollow”>inancial stability (gearin” rel=”nofollow”>ing ratios) o Liquidity ratios 5) Recommendation to buy or not to buy shares based on in” rel=”nofollow”>information you have collected (Give reasons for your recommendation) (approximately 350 words).

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