Coca-Cola and the Unilever case study

Coca-Cola Case1. What does Coca-Cola stand for? Is it the same for everyone? Explain” rel=”nofollow”>in. 2. Coca-Cola has successfully marketed to billions of people around the world. How does it use advertisin” rel=”nofollow”>ing, sales promotions, events, and public relations to market to people? 3. Can Pepsi or any other company ever surpass Coca-Cola? Why, or why not? What are Coca-Cola’s greatest risks? 4. Explain” rel=”nofollow”>in the new product development process, applyin” rel=”nofollow”>ing this to how Coca-Cola in” rel=”nofollow”>introduces new products/flavors.
Unilever Case Study

1. What makes personal marketin” rel=”nofollow”>ing work? Why are Dove and Axe so successful at it? 2 Can personal marketin” rel=”nofollow”>ing go too far in” rel=”nofollow”>in a company? Why, or why not? 3. Is there a conflict of in” rel=”nofollow”>interest in” rel=”nofollow”>in the way Unilever markets to women and young men? Is it undoin” rel=”nofollow”>ing all of the good that might be done in” rel=”nofollow”>in the ‘Campaign for Real Beauty by representin” rel=”nofollow”>ing women as sex symbols in” rel=”nofollow”>in Axe ads?
MBA 5501. Advanced Marketin” rel=”nofollow”>ing 5
4. Describe how marketers use direct marketin” rel=”nofollow”>ing and personal sellin” rel=”nofollow”>ing within” rel=”nofollow”>in their personal efforts. How might Unilever in” rel=”nofollow”>increase their overall marketin” rel=”nofollow”>ing effectiveness by utilizin” rel=”nofollow”>ing direct marketin” rel=”nofollow”>ing and personal sellin” rel=”nofollow”>ing? Be specific.
Create a (approximately 10- to 15-slide) PowerPoin” rel=”nofollow”>int presentation, with speaker notes. that provides a thorough analysis of both companies.

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