contractual claims

Order Description
Does Lisa have a valid contractual claim again” rel=”nofollow”>inst Allen Homes for issues relatin” rel=”nofollow”>ing kitchen appliances and landscapin” rel=”nofollow”>ing? Wh? Support answer with relevant legal authorities.

Lisa wants to build a new house. She contacts Allen Homes, a company with good reputation. She visits Allen’s display homes, where she is shown a 3 bedroom house. The brochures she is shown contain” rel=”nofollow”>ins glossy artists impressions of house and standard in” rel=”nofollow”>inclusions.She is happy with size and presentation of house and is particularly happy with landscapin” rel=”nofollow”>ing and kitchen appliances. Also excited that there is a proposed train” rel=”nofollow”>in station in” rel=”nofollow”>in walkin” rel=”nofollow”>ing distance as shown on the master plans of the estate. She pays deposit and signs builders standard contract. When the builder fin” rel=”nofollow”>inishes her house on handover in” rel=”nofollow”>inspection, she discovers that landscapin” rel=”nofollow”>ing and appliances are missin” rel=”nofollow”>ing. Builder shows her signed contract which does not mention these. She also learns that proposed train” rel=”nofollow”>in station is for the year 2030.

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