Decision Analysis

Question 1
Few Americans used train” rel=”nofollow”>ins (i.a, Amtrak) until recent events made people less comfortable flyin” rel=”nofollow”>ing. Amtrak in” rel=”nofollow”>introduced a new high-speed train” rel=”nofollow”>in called ‘Acela Express’ that uses fast train” rel=”nofollow”>ins and busin” rel=”nofollow”>iness-class type cabin” rel=”nofollow”>ins between Washin” rel=”nofollow”>ington, D.C., New York, and Boston, Mass.

Make a model to compare the improved Acela service, the regular Amtrak train” rel=”nofollow”>in service, drivin” rel=”nofollow”>ing by car, and also airplane trips between downtown Washin” rel=”nofollow”>ington and downtown New York.

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