English Literature

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Answer each question in” rel=”nofollow”>in short paragraph…
1. Choose any one of Hamlet’s soliloquies and analyze it. What thoughts and feelin” rel=”nofollow”>ings does Hamlet express? What theme or themes in” rel=”nofollow”>in the play does it contribute to? How do figurative language and imagery contribute to the meanin” rel=”nofollow”>ing of the soliloquy? Provide evidence from the soliloquy for all your poin” rel=”nofollow”>ints.
2. Choose one Petrarchan sonnet and one Shakespearean sonnet. They do not have to be written by Petrarch and Shakespeare, although they may be. For each of the two, identify the type of sonnet it is, and discuss the important elements of that type of sonnet. If the sonnet of your choice changes the classic form in” rel=”nofollow”>in some way, describe how. Identify the main” rel=”nofollow”>in idea of the sonnet and how it develops from one part of the sonnet to another.
3. Compare and contrast the cultural values shown in” rel=”nofollow”>in “Hektor and Achilleus” and in” rel=”nofollow”>in Beowulf. What are those values, and how do the characters in” rel=”nofollow”>in the epics represent them? What are the differences in” rel=”nofollow”>in the religious values shown?

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