Fraudulent Misrepresentation

Jack is lookin” rel=”nofollow”>ing to buy a new car from Glendora BMW. Jack is employed at Home Depot and earns $8.00/hr. After hours of research, Jack determin” rel=”nofollow”>ines that he will need to make $20/hr to qualify for a BMW from Glendora BMW. In order to qualify for the purchase, Jack creates a pay stub showin” rel=”nofollow”>ing that he earns $20/hr and submits it to the fin” rel=”nofollow”>inance department at Glendora BMW. Glendora BMW sells Jack a car. 6 months later, Jack defaults on the loan. Glendora BMW fin” rel=”nofollow”>inds out that Jack created the pay stub and wants to brin” rel=”nofollow”>ing an action again” rel=”nofollow”>inst him for Fraudulent Misrepresentation.
Use the 5-element rule Fraudulent Misrepresentation in” rel=”nofollow”>into 5 separate elements,to argue for the case

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