Gallo Winery company

Gallo Winery was founded in 1933 in Modesto, California, by Ernest and Julio Gallo and remains a privately held, family business. Gallo is the largest wine producer in the world, with $1.5 billion in sales. Currently, the second generation of the founder’s family is running the winery while the third generation is rising in leadership of the firm. Describe the challenge of succession in this important firm.What strategies does the firm use to enable its owners to participate in the harvest? What methods for harvest would you suggest? do your own research on the above assignment. 2. Explain the purpose and value of staged financing (a) for investors.(B) for the entrepreneur(s). 3. The Internet proved as a medium for customers purchasing music and books, but less useful for purchasing groceries. Really? Describe Why. What is happening now and why? Can this be sustained? What are the road blocks. How can they be over come? Keep this up and we may not have to leave our homes. What else may be happening? WOW 4. There is a strong trend in many IT fields for overseas outsourcing. What are the primary motivations for this movement? How and why are startups participating in this trend? What are some of the risks for a newer company in outsourcing? What might change in this area? How might Al, Siri etc possibly change these initiatives. Last week I spoke with customer service voices in Denver, Argentina, Philippines and Vietnam. What next?

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