Health care systems of U.K and Norway

Order DescriptionCompare the health care systems of U.K and Norway by answerin” rel=”nofollow”>ing these four questions:

1. Place both countries within” rel=”nofollow”>in the three worlds of welfare capitalism. (300- 500 words)

assess if the health care system of each particular country corresponds with the overall direction of the particular welfare state system. (1000 words)

work out the advantages and disadvantages of both health care systems by comparin” rel=”nofollow”>ing the health care systems in” rel=”nofollow”>in terms of: – cost, access, choice and waitin” rel=”nofollow”>ing period for patients. Buildin” rel=”nofollow”>ing on these four in” rel=”nofollow”>indicators state clearly which health care system seems to be more efficient. (2000 – 3000 words)

4. Reason which health care system is “fairer” – (1000-2000 words)

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