Human Resource Management

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write an essay of not more than 2,000 words on ONE of the following topics:

1. Critically examine the strengths and limitations of the ‘universalist’ and ‘contingency’ approaches to HR Strategy. In doing so, explain under what conditions HR strategy may help a firm secure competitive advantage.

2. What do you understand by the term ‘wage-effort bargain’? To what extent does it inform your understanding of the ways in which management controls the workforce and the workforce may resist? Give examples to illustrate your points.

3. Discuss the view that workers no longer need to be represented at work by a trade union because, in the 21st century, management already fully takes into account the interests of workers when making decisions that affect them.

4. In what ways does obtaining work through a third party, such as an employment agency, change the HR relationship between employer and employee? Critically discuss using examples.

5. The ability of workers to move to sell their labour services is an essential characteristic of capitalism. Hence attempts by the government or corporations to control the migration or movement of workers should be considered as a ‘constraint of trade’. Critically discuss.

6. ‘Labour services are delivered in different bodies – male/female, young/old, black/white – but the only consideration for the HR recruiter should be the ability of the potential worker to perform the required job.’ Is this a hopelessly ideal view of recruitment? Discuss in relationship to any form of discrimination.

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