Immigration in The US – Continuation

Immigration in” rel=”nofollow”>in The US – Contin” rel=”nofollow”>inuation
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Based on the Assignment you did, that I will update for quick reference, I would like you to complete the next step (requirements will be uploaded please follow carefully) – Step one and 2 have already been done by you.
1. We will need a powerpoin” rel=”nofollow”>int presentation WITH SPEAKERS NOTES) – about 15 to 20 slides
2. Handouts (annotated biography in” rel=”nofollow”>included)
3. One page reflection paper on the assignment
4. Please make sure all sections are covered from requirements.

the chart please Make sure you in” rel=”nofollow”>include at least one example from each article for most of the elements in” rel=”nofollow”>in the chart and in” rel=”nofollow”>include them in” rel=”nofollow”>in the chart as well.

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