LAND LAWAnswer both parts of the question

Part A

In 2004 Ayla, a homeless person, discovers an empty buildin” rel=”nofollow”>ing in” rel=”nofollow”>in Camden. The buildin” rel=”nofollow”>ing’s win” rel=”nofollow”>indows and doors are boarded up, and a sign has been placed on the front entrance which says, ‘Recently acquired by Train” rel=”nofollow”>inlin” rel=”nofollow”>ink for the cross London rail development.’ Ayla notices that the buildin” rel=”nofollow”>ing seems to have been empty for some time, and that there are signs of vandalism. Indeed, the vandalism is such that Ayla is able to gain” rel=”nofollow”>in easy access to the buildin” rel=”nofollow”>ing. After sleepin” rel=”nofollow”>ing there for a couple of weeks, Ayla tells a friend of hers, “Well, I know it belongs to Train” rel=”nofollow”>inlin” rel=”nofollow”>ink, but I don’t see why I can’t use it until they need it.”

Havin” rel=”nofollow”>ing some concerns for her personal safety in” rel=”nofollow”>in the property, Ayla begin” rel=”nofollow”>ins to carry out repairs so as to improve the security of the buildin” rel=”nofollow”>ing. This in” rel=”nofollow”>includes puttin” rel=”nofollow”>ing a new lock on the main” rel=”nofollow”>in entrance, addin” rel=”nofollow”>ing bolts to the other two doors and, when money allows, replacin” rel=”nofollow”>ing some of the small broken win” rel=”nofollow”>indow panes. She removes Train” rel=”nofollow”>inslin” rel=”nofollow”>ink’s sign. She also acquires a bed, cooker, and easy chair from a local charity. In order to use the cooker, she gets in” rel=”nofollow”>in touch with an energy supplier to reconnect services to the buildin” rel=”nofollow”>ing. The energy supplier asks Ayla who the owner of the property is, and she tells them that she is the owner.

Now that she has a permanent address, Ayla is able to get a job at Coffeego. This enables her to fin” rel=”nofollow”>inance further improvements to the property. Nevertheless, at the back of her min” rel=”nofollow”>ind, Ayla is concerned that she is not the actual owner of the property, and she comes to you for advice.

Advise Ayla

Part B

Bankole and Cathy are very much in” rel=”nofollow”>in love. Bankole asks Cathy to move in” rel=”nofollow”>in with him. The house, which Bankole in” rel=”nofollow”>inherited from his parents, is registered in” rel=”nofollow”>in his name alone. Bankole tells Cathy, on several occasions, “You are the love of my life, and I will always take care of you.” Although there is no mortgage on the property, Bankole and Cathy share the expenses of day-to-day life. This means that Cathy pays the electricity and gas bills, whilst Bankole pays for the in” rel=”nofollow”>internet connection and various television channels. After a couple of years, Cathy suggests addin” rel=”nofollow”>ing a conservatory to the back of the house. Bankole is unsure, as he hates DIY. However, Cathy loves buildin” rel=”nofollow”>ing, and so she tells Bankole not to worry, and that she will take care of everythin” rel=”nofollow”>ing. Out of her savin” rel=”nofollow”>ings, Cathy purchases the necessary materials for the conservatory, and pays a local odd job man to help her with the task. Usin” rel=”nofollow”>ing all of her free time for 2 months, Cathy completes the addition to the house. Bankole is very pleased, and thin” rel=”nofollow”>inks that the conservatory looks great.

The followin” rel=”nofollow”>ing year, Bankole tells Cathy that their relationship moved too quickly, that it was a mistake for them to move in” rel=”nofollow”>in together, and that he needs some space to ‘fin” rel=”nofollow”>ind himself’. He tells Cathy that she should make arrangements to move out by the end of the month.

Advise Cathy.

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