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Watch the film Michael Clayton (Directed by Tony Gilroy, Samuels Media and Castle Rock Entertain” rel=”nofollow”>inment, 2007) and answer the followin” rel=”nofollow”>ing questions:

Question A: Which moral framework do you personally believe to be the best framework for contemporary legal practice?
Question B: Do any of the characters Michael Clayton, Arthur Edens, or Karen Crowder frame their respective practices of law within” rel=”nofollow”>in this framework? (You should answer this question with respect to each character)
Question C: Do any of the actions of the character Michael Clayton exemplify what Simon describes as ‘Moral Pluck’ (see William H. Simon, ‘Moral Pluck: Legal Ethics in” rel=”nofollow”>in Popular Culture’ (2001) 101 Columbia Law Review 421)? Do you agree that these actions were justified, and what legal and professional consequences might the character face as a result of his actions?

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