1.) Watch this clip ( and briefly answer the following:
Is this decision by CVS an example of good corporate social responsibility? Why do you think so? Take into account that CVS is responsible to several stakeholders (e.g. stockholder, community, customers).
2.) Many years ago the comedy duo Abbot (tall one in the clip) and Costello (short one in the clip) came up with a routine known as ‘Who’s on first”. Watch the clip( and discuss the communication failure that is the basis for the humor and how you could get better communication ( and kill the act). Use the stages in the communication process discussed in the text (encode ->….->decode).

3.)Watch this clip( Is Dilbert’s boss a good leader? Explain. You may want to discuss: What impact you think the boss has on Dilbert’s job satisfaction and performance? The boss’s emotional intelligence. The form of influence the boss is using
4.) had an article titled ( I thought the ones below were interesting and clicked on the link to Amazon that was in the article. Pick two of them and describe the people that you think bought them. Remember a product is meeting a need, providing a solution to a problem. What needs/problems do these products address? Who is likely to have these needs/problems? What is the profile, e.g. gender, age, lifestyle/interests, occupation etc. You don’t need to address every item I gave as an e.g. (that is why it is an e.g. rather than a “required”). links ( /600B4S6SLW?ie=UTF8&tag=bustle1936-20&camp=1789&linkCode=xm2&creativeASIN=B00B4S6SLW) ( (

5.) The following is a quote from “3 Big Marketing Technology Changes to Watch in 2016” ( /three-marketing-technology-changes-2016.aspx) “Artificial intelligence-driven, voice-based personal assistants such as Apple Siri, Amazon Echo and Google Now are evolving to predict customer needs for products and services As personal assistants become a preferred customer interface, marketers must find ways of getting them to recommend their brands.”
Implied in this statement is that the methods used by marketers to get people to be aware of, prefer and buy their brands will not be effective with people using the above mentioned apps that predict customer needs. Why would this be so? Any ideas as to what ways marketers can “…find ways of getting them to recommend their brands”?

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