Management Topim Succession Planning

Management Topim Succession PlanningAcademic Level: Bachelor
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Step 1: Watch this video: HYPERLINK “httpSII/” t “_blank”
Step 22 Answer the questions below, but wait to post until completed With step 4.
What did you know about succession planning before watching our video?
What is one new piece Of information that you learned from us?
What did you find most interesting?
How have you seen succession planning in your company? Has it been positive or negative for your company? Tell us about it.
Step 32 Pick ONE article that interests you the most from the three given below.
Pick one Of the below three articles that sounds most interesting to you, and answer the questions corresponding to that article.
Article 1: HYPERLINK “httpzlltcbblogsorg/governance/2011109/02/despite-the-controversy-jobs-succession-plan-at-appIe-may-be-modeI-for
Despite the Controversy, Jobs Succession Plan at Apple may be Model for Others
HYPERLINK “httpzlltcbblogsorg/governance/201 1109/02/despite-the-controversy-jobs-succession-plan-at-appIe-may-be-modeI-for-othersl”
httpzlltcbblogsorg/governance/ZO1 1109/02/despite-the-controversy-jobs-succession-plan-at-appIe-may-be-modeI-for-others/
Do you feel that Apple was prepared for Steve Jobs to leave?
DO you think this has been a good decision so far for their company, from what you Know about Apple?
What WOUid you have done to better prepare Apple for this huge transition Of Steve Jobs leaving?
Article 22 Why Visionary CEOS Never Have Visionary successors
Article 22 Why Visionary CEOs Never Have Visionary Successors

HYPERLINK “”https://hbr_org/2016/10/why-visionary-ceos-never-

So far, do you think Steve Ballmer & Satya Nadella were good successors for Bill Gates at Microsoft?

How can Tim Cook raise Apple to the same levels of innovation as Amazon, Microsoft, & Google?

You are the Visionary CEO of your dream company and it’s time to pick a successor, “Do you search for another innovator, promote one of the
executors, or go deeper down the organization to find an innovator?”

Article 32 A CEO’s Personality Can Undermine Succession Planning


Have you seen any of these scenarios throughout any of your job positions? If so, which scenarios?

What are other reasons that successors are usually not as good as the former CEOs?

After a bad succession plan, what is one method that can be used to help the company flourish with its newest CEO?

Step 42 Answer the questions corresponding to your chosen article and add it to your discussion post.

Step 52 Post to discussion board your answers to step 2 and step 4.

Preferred language style > Simple (Easy vocabulary, simple grammar constructions)

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