Patient safety and Nursing Concerns working 12 hours shift Vs 8 hour

Usin” rel=”nofollow”>ing Health Information Technology as a Source of Evidence-Based Practice Before the digital revolution, health in” rel=”nofollow”>information technology supplied very limited support for evidence-based practice. If nurses wanted to be in” rel=”nofollow”>informed about cuttin” rel=”nofollow”>ing-edge research, their best bet was to either subscribe to leadin” rel=”nofollow”>ing journals or make periodic trips to the library. With the establishment of research databases, however, nurses became empowered to learn about and facilitate in” rel=”nofollow”>interdisciplin” rel=”nofollow”>inary and translational research. Databases are just one example of how health in” rel=”nofollow”>information technology supports evidence-based practice. To prepare: Read the followin” rel=”nofollow”>ing scenario from the text (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2011, p. 482): Twelve-hour shifts are problematic for patient and nurse safety, and yet hospitals contin” rel=”nofollow”>inue to keep the 12-hour shift schedule. In 2004, the Institute of Medicin” rel=”nofollow”>ine (Board on Health Care Services & Institute of Medicin” rel=”nofollow”>ine, 2004) published a report that referred to studies as early as 1988 that discussed the negative effects of rotatin” rel=”nofollow”>ing shifts on in” rel=”nofollow”>intervention accuracy. Workers with 12-hour shifts realized more fatigue than workers on 8-hour shifts. In another study done in” rel=”nofollow”>in Turkey by Ilhan, Durukan, Aras, Turkcuoglu, and Aygun (2006), factors relatin” rel=”nofollow”>ing to in” rel=”nofollow”>increased risk for in” rel=”nofollow”>injury were age of 24 or less, less than 4 years of nursin” rel=”nofollow”>ing experience, workin” rel=”nofollow”>ing in” rel=”nofollow”>in the surgical in” rel=”nofollow”>intensive care units, and workin” rel=”nofollow”>ing for more than 8 hours.Consider how the resources identified in” rel=”nofollow”>in the scenario above could in” rel=”nofollow”>influence an organization’s practice.
Select an issue in” rel=”nofollow”>in your practice that is of concern to you. Usin” rel=”nofollow”>ing health in” rel=”nofollow”>information technology, locate at least three evidence-based practice resources that address your concern and that could possibly in” rel=”nofollow”>inform further action. By Day 3 Post a description of your practice concern. Outlin” rel=”nofollow”>ine how you used health in” rel=”nofollow”>information technology to locate evidence-based practices that address this concern. Cite and in” rel=”nofollow”>include in” rel=”nofollow”>insights from the resources. Analyze how health in” rel=”nofollow”>information technology supports evidence-based practice.

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