Pivot Tables and Multi-Attribute Decision Making

You are the lead consultant for the Excellent Consultin” rel=”nofollow”>ing Group. It is mid-October. One of your top clients. Buddy’s Floor Barn. has just closed the books for the first three quarters of the year (January through September). Buddy’s Floor Barn requests that you analyze the sales performance of its 5 product lin” rel=”nofollow”>ines over this 3-quarter period. From past consultin” rel=”nofollow”>ing work you have done for the company. you know that Buddy’s Floor Barn has 4 regions and 18 total store locations.Each Regional Manager at the company has compiled the data for his/her region. The raw data provided consists of the sales revenue for each of the 5 premium floorin” rel=”nofollow”>ing lin” rel=”nofollow”>ines for all 4 regions and 18 locations for the first three quarters of the current year.

Generate a Pivot Table Report with Charts. Use the Pivot Table and Charts to analyze the data. Followin” rel=”nofollow”>ing your in” rel=”nofollow”>in-depth analysis of the data. write a report to Buddy’s Floor Barn in” rel=”nofollow”>in which you discuss and analyze the data. and make appropriate recommendations relative to how Buddy’s Floor Barn should improve its sales performance goin” rel=”nofollow”>ing forward.

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