Psychology questions

Q.1 .Personality has two essentials aspects ,:1.Individual identity
2 .Social identity
a. what are their differences
b. give two examples about individual and social behavior

Q.2.What is personality ,and it really exist?

Q3. According to Freud theory about personality there are three levels :Id, Ego, and Super-Ego
Explain :super -ego ;level ,Give one example

Q4 Explain Freud,s Theory of personality

Q.5 ..Describe tow psychological effects of Stress

Q.6 What are thr negative Symptom s of crazy people

Q.7 Discuss three negative effects of Depression

Q8. What art anxiety Disorders ?

Q.9 .What are phobias ?

Q10.Discuss the problem of eating disorders


Q.11.How we can transforming our stress from negative to positive (6 marks)

Q.12. Answer any One

a. You are facing some kind of depression in your everyday life ,how to solve it ?
b. Analyze ,in brief , one case of :mood desorders.

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