Rhythm in the Sun: J.D. Fergusson’s depiction of the nude

Order DescriptionOf the four Scottish Colourists, it is John Duncan Fergusson’s admiration of the female body and rhythmic lin” rel=”nofollow”>ines that have made him stand out as the most versatile and experimental. Fergusson was a proud Scotsman but it was durin” rel=”nofollow”>ing time spent in” rel=”nofollow”>in Paris and in” rel=”nofollow”>in particular the South of France, among his circle of friends, which in” rel=”nofollow”>included Derain” rel=”nofollow”>in and Picasso, that he felt a true sense of artistic freedom.
Fergusson was also a devoted admirer of les fauves, which demonstrates the in” rel=”nofollow”>influence of Matisse and Cézanne in” rel=”nofollow”>in particular with its bold lin” rel=”nofollow”>inear brushstrokes and complex handlin” rel=”nofollow”>ing of tone and colour.

compare Fergusson nudes to Matisse’s ‘Dance’

compare to Cezanne’s nude

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