Jill Bartok is a lin” rel=”nofollow”>ine supervisor for an East Coast center for Speedy Delivery Services This high-speed delivery company has both national and in” rel=”nofollow”>international deliveries ongoin” rel=”nofollow”>ing contin” rel=”nofollow”>inually. The area where Jill works is secured and monitored. Loaders and handlers process thousands of parcels every day. Jill has four crews whose shifts normally overlap. Crew 2 has the 3 PM to midnight shift. Bob Camaghan is the crew chief and is responsible for the orderly flow of packages from the receivin” rel=”nofollow”>ing dock to the shippin” rel=”nofollow”>ing dock. This in” rel=”nofollow”>includes packages that have to be shipped out from the local franchise shippin” rel=”nofollow”>ing stores. Jill receives a note from Jim Ferguson, crew chief of Crew 3, that a small access door that should usually be locked has been found unsecured for the past two nights just after the start of the 11 PM to 8 AM shift. The security camera in” rel=”nofollow”>in that area does not quite cover the door itself. There have been no other reports of problems in” rel=”nofollow”>in that area. Review of the security tapes shows normal flow of workers in” rel=”nofollow”>in and around the door for the past two nights. Jill is concerned that the door may have been left unsecured prior to bein” rel=”nofollow”>ing found open by Jim Ferguson. The door opens to a hall that connects to the employee break room that is not in” rel=”nofollow”>in a secured part of the facility. Jill decides to go to HR to discuss possibilities.
1. Is there a security problem? If yes, is it a major problem? 2. What actions, if any, should HR take?

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